Die Casting
Pore Free Die casting
Accurate Rapid Dense Die casting
Semi-Solid Metal Casting
Total Capability Over 5000 Tons / Year

Machine List:
Toshiba DC-1650CS2 die casting machine x 1 Set
Toshiba 800CL-T die casting machine x 1 Set
350 ton die casting machine x 4 Sets
150 ton die casting machine x 2 Sets

Extra & Surface Work Machine List:
Multi-axis machining x 35 sets
CNC Auto 3D machine x 2 sets
Multi-axis round machining x 4 sets
Auto-surface cleaner x1 set
Sand-blast machine x4 sets
Manual sand-blasting machine x 2 stes

Inspection Equipment
2.5D semi-automotive projector x 2 sets
CMM x 2 sets
Element analyzer x1 set
Hardness tester x1 set


Aluminum, Zinc
Surface Treatment
Plating, Coating,

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    • From Design Room to Warehouse
    • From Tooling Developing to Production Line
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