Cooling Fan


Metal Fan Guards.

Standard Wire form
Fan Guards.

Plastic Fan Guards.

Standard Plastic form
Fan Guards.

Aluminum and
Stainless Steel
Fan Filters.

Maximum airflow with
efective filtering.
30 PPI mesh filters.

Plastic fan filter Assemblies. 

Maximum airflow with 
efective filtering.
30 and 45 PPI foam filters

Fan power cords.

For Terminal type fans. 

Cage Nuts / U Nuts
Spring Nuts / Fan Clips. 


Galvanized Steel sheet
Inlet Duct Rings.

For Centrifugal / Motorized impeller type fans. 

Plastic Louvered Fan filter kits.

Heavy-duty louvered filtered guard designed to prevent dust, dirt and moisture from entering enclosure. Avaliable in Hinged type and in Slide type.

HEPA filters.

High Efficiency Particulate Air filters 
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