Cooling Fan

Galvanized Steel sheet Inlet Duct Rings.
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Galvanized Steel sheet Inlet Duct Rings

For Centrifugal / Motorized impeller type fans.
Galvanized Steel sheet Duct rings for Centrifugal fans / Motorized impellers. 
Designed for use with Centrifugal fans / Motorized Impellers, inlet Duct rings helps promote airflow through the impellers air intake. Use these inlet rings with Centrifugal fans / Motorized Impellers to maximize airflow for electronic cabinet cooling and any application with high airflow and high static pressure in a limited space.. Available in different sizes.

Spec. Fan Size (mm)
Fan Size (inch)
 Ea Fan Series
Duct Ring
Ø 132.6 mm
(Ø 5.22")
EA13070 Series
EA13090 Series
Ø 190.0 mm
(Ø 7.48")
EA17554 Series
EA18065 Series
EA19070 Series
Ø 223.0 mm
(Ø 8.77")
EA22070 Series EDR-220
Ø 225 mm
(Ø 8.85")
EA22569 Series
EA22585 Series
EA22599 Series
Ø 251.5 mm
(Ø 9.90")
EA25098 Series EDR-250
Ø 318.0 mm
(Ø 12.5")
EA31515 Series EDR-318
Ø 360.0 mm
(Ø 14.1")
EA36017 Series EDR-360
Ø 400.0 mm
(Ø 15.7")
EA40017 Series EDR-400

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