Metal Products Manufacturing Services

Metal parts fabrication services.


We offer expertise in the metal fabrication sector,  more than 30 years of experience in the industry.
Our work has been featured across various industries, though we offer specialized services for each.

Our metalworking services that include sheet metal fabrication, NCT punching, Hot and Cold forging, Die-casting, CNC turning and CNC Milling or Machining; We can cover your every metal fabrication need from start to finish. We can also offer sub assemblies and finish products if required.

If you are looking for price competitive, high-quality metal fabrications and on schedule, For more information about what we can do for you and your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office today!

Die Casting
Pore Free Die casting
Accurate Rapid Dense Die casting
Semi-Solid Metal Casting
Total Capability Over 5000 Tons / Year
Machine List:
Toshiba DC-1650CS2 die casting machine x 1 Set
Toshiba 800CL-T die casting machine x 1 Set
350 ton die casting machine x 4 Sets
150 ton die casting machine x 2 Sets

Extra & Surface Work Machine List:
Multi-axis machining x 35 sets
CNC Auto 3D machine x 2 sets
Multi-axis round machining x 4 sets
Auto-surface cleaner x1 set
Sand-blast machine x4 sets
Manual sand-blasting machine x 2 stes
Inspection Equipment
2.5D semi-automotive projector x 2 sets
CMM x 2 sets
Element analyzer x1 set
Hardness tester x1 set
Aluminum, Zinc
Surface Treatment
Plating, Coating,
  • Experience of Services
    • From OEM/ODM to Packaging
    • From Design Room to Warehouse
    • From Tooling Developing to Production Line
  • Quality Assurance Facility
    • Certification listed
    • Major Quality Control Equipment list